Whitey Hooten is a whale hunter, one of Julius's highest-ranking men and an antagonist of the Impossible Creatures Campaign. He serves as the primary enemy of the first four missions, wether sending his men after Rex and Lucy or coming after them himself.


Before coming into the employ of Julius, Whitey gained a reputation as a ferocious whale hunter, with his greatest ambition being to catch a Sperm Whale. Julius hired him to keep the Henchmen disciplined, intimidating them with his towering size and short temper. Whitey also struck fear into the native villagers of the Isla Variatas islands, leading them to tell stories of him breaking glaciers by shouting at them and catching whales with his
WhiteyHootenAnd Zarming

Whitey Has Scared This Poor Guy

bare hands.

After Rex's father was kidnapped by Julius, Whitey was ordered to find and capture Lucy. She and Rex defeated all the Henchmen Whitey sent after them, and they came after him when they discovered he had killed Chanikov. Whitey battles them on his main island in Mission 4, but is defeated. Rex and Lucy's combined creatures destroy Whitey's ship, causing it to sink into the water and dragging the whaler down with it.



Whitey as he appears in-game.

Whitey Hooten has no respect for those below him, regularly abusing his Henchmen and severely punishing them for failing to meet deadlines. He does, however, recognise that Julius is his superior. He is easily angered by both his own side and his enemies, yelling obscene insults at and threatening Rex and Lucy just for entering his territory. Although Whitey is not particularly clever, he does possess some knowledge of battle strategies.

When it comes to combined creatures, Whitey prefers to use animals that live in cold, harsh conditions. Like him, they are hardy,durable and are just as effective in water as on land.


  • In one of Lucy's research diary entries, she comments on how far-fetched the tales about Whitey are. However, one of them is proved to be true during Mission 4 when he causes a wall of pack ice to crumble by yelling.
  • Whitey supposedly invented the Soundbeam Tower.
  • In Player Vs Computer Whitey Hooten's army has Archerfish/Coyote' Chameleon/Hyena' Wolf/Mountain Lion' Porcupine/Musk Ox' Chimpanzee/Hammerhead Shark' Polar Bear/Poison Frog' Killer Whale/Musk Ox' Lobster/Tiger and Great White Shark/Snowy Owl.

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