Web Throwing is an ability that enables a combined creature to shoot sticky webbing at its foes. Enemy creatures caught in this attack will be completely immobilised for a short time, making them sitting ducks for your creatures.

Web Throwing is one of the best counters to loners as it totally shuts them down for a few precious seconds, which will give your creatures a chance to dispatch them without even taking a hit. It is also very effective against tight clusters of enemies as it can disable them all at once.

Web Throwing is a triggered ability and will not be used unless the player orders it. The creature with this ability must also have enough endurance, which will be depleted upon its use. This ability can be upgraded to cover an area 25% larger than usual. A player should be aware that any creature with Web Throwing will be quite expensive when it comes to electricity.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Black Widow (Tail)

Garden Spider (Tail)