Sonar Pulse is an ability that enables a creature to temporarily reveal a small area of a map to the player. The Pulse will also show Camouflaged and Digging enemies and will keep the area within sight for a total of 30 seconds.

This ability requires a completely full endurance bar to be used. It will not be activated by a creature unless the player orders it to, after which any point on the map may be selected. Ordering multiple creatures to use this ability on the same place does not increase the area of effect.

Sonar Pulse is an effective Scouting tool as it can provide the player with a look at their enemy's base, allowing them to adapt their strategies appropriately. It can also be used on narrow pathways to reveal enemy creatures travelling to a new location or moving in for an attack. In this way, Sonar Pulse can function as a free temporary lookout post. It also serves as a cheap alternative to Radar Pulse, but must be used carefully.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Bat (Head)

Killer Whale (Head)

Sperm Whale (Head)