The Research Clinic is a structure that allows the player to research various upgrades for their Henchmen and economy. It is considered to be an advanced structure, so the appropriate research must be completed before it is available.

There are a total of 9 upgrades in the original Impossible Creatures, with a tenth introduced in Insect Invasion. They can be categorised into upgrades for Henchmen, and for buildings. Most upgrades can be purchased as soon as a Clinic is built, but some require that the player has reached Level 4 first.


For HenchmenEdit

  • Henchman Binoculars increases the sight radius of all henchmen by 50%.
  • Henchman Tag allows henchmen to tag an enemy creature, allowing the player to see anything near it.
  • Henchman Yoke increases the amount of coal a henchman can carry from 20 to 25.
  • Henchman Heal allows henchmen to heal each other and injured creatures. Multiple henchmen can heal a single unit more quickly.
  • Henchman Motivational Speech increases the movement speed, on land and in water, of all henchmen by 10 km/h.

For buildingsEdit

  • Strengthen Fences doubles the hit points of all sections of Bramble Fences.
  • Strengthen Electrical Grid increases the player's electricity generation rate by 25%.
  • Lab Defense allows the player to activate an electrical shield for the Lab which makes it indestructible. Lab Defense costs 500 electricity to start and drains 35 points per second afterwards. Even if the player has a lot to spare, it cannot be kept on indefinitely; a temperature gauge is shown in the Lab's menu, and Lab Defense is automatically turned off if the gauge is completely filled. The Lab can, however, still be Infested. Only available from Insect Invasion onwards.

In The CampaignEdit

The Research Clinic is not available to be built until Lucy collects its blueprints in Mission 5. Only a few upgrades are available at that point, but more are unlocked as the player progresses through the missions. From a point in Mission 12 onwards, all upgrades are unlocked but must still be researched. Although Lucy is similar to a Henchman, Henchman Yoke is the only upgrade that also applies to her.



The prototype Clinic as it appears in the Mission Editor.

The Research Clinic's prototype design featured a pair of barrels and a tank attached to the centre. This design remains as the Clinic's in-game icon and also appears in the Mission Editor.