Poisoned units give off a faint green smoke.

Poison is an ability and a type of damage that can be dealt to enemies. A creature with Poison will inflict it on any enemy unit it attacks in melee combat. The condition lasts for a total of 10 seconds, during which time damage is dealt and the victim's speed and attacking power are reduced by 25%. The exact damage dealt by Poison is determined by the attacking creature's level;

  • Level 1, 2 and 3 creatures deal 20 points.
  • Level 4 creatures deal 23 points.
  • Level 5 creatures deal 26 points.

This effect does not stack; if a creature with Poison attacks an enemy already inflicted with the condition, it will simply reset the timer.

Using Poison against your opponent in combat can give your creatures an edge, as they will recieve less damage and their enemies will suffer more. When chasing fleeing units, such as Henchmen, Poison's speed reduction will make them easier to chase down and will aid creatures in finishing them off. Because Poison costs a fair amount of electricity, a player using it must be wary of immune enemies that will not be affected. One must also note that this ability automatically makes a creature a minimum of Level 3.

The Spitting Cobra's ranged attack is unique because it can inflict this condition from a distance. It has the same reduction effects as the regular Poison, but only lasts 5 seconds and always deals 25 points of damage.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Black Widow (Head)

Hornet (Tail)

Komodo Dragon (Head)

Poison Ant (Head) (Through its ranged attack)

Rattlesnake (Head)

Scorpion (Tail)

Spitting Cobra (Head) (Through its ranged attack)

Wasp (Tail) (Insect Invasion only)


Poison was originally intended to reduce a victim's sight radius as well, but this idea was dropped.

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