Plagued creatures give off faint yellow clouds.

Plague is an ability that allows a creature to infect enemies with a ravaging disease. Once passed onto an enemy, Plague will spread to other enemies within a very short distance. The total damage dealt by this ability, which is inflicted over a period of 10 seconds, is determined by the attacking creature's level;

  • Level 1 creatures deal 60 points of damage.
  • Level 2 creatures deal 70 points.
  • Level 3 creatures deal 80 points.
  • Level 4 creatures deal 90 points.
  • Level 5 creatures deal 100 points.

This ability requires a completely full endurance bar to be used. As a triggered ability, Plague will not be used by a creature unless the player manually orders it to, and it must finally come within melee range of its target to apply the infection. It cannot, however, be used on enemy Henchmen.

Plague is most effective in the early stages of a battle, when creatures typically have low hit points. It is capable of decimating an entire attack force when used correctly, making it a useful tool when defending against early rushes. Although it will rarely kill more powerful creatures later in the game, it can still be useful for weakening them if they are in large numbers.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Cockroach (Head)

Rat (Head)

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