Creatures with Pack Hunter applied are surrounded by a faint red sphere.

Pack Hunter is an ability that boosts a combined creature's attacking power by 40% when near at least three other specimens of its kind. This bonus applies to every type of attack.

Pack Hunter is an all-round decent ability with no real drawbacks except that it is fairly expensive. It can be used to improve on creatures with mediocre attacking power, or to bring powerful creatures to higher limits. A player would do well to create Packs larger than four, though; if one creature is killed in a group of four, the other creatures will lose their attacking bonus. Larger Packs will make this ability more reliable in combat.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Alien (Inherent)

Baboon (Inherent)

Barracuda (Inherent)

Chimpanzee (Inherent)

Dragon (Inherent)

Hyena (Inherent)

Killer Whale (Inherent) (Creature Chaos and later only)

Leopard (Inherent)

Lioness (Inherent)

Mutant (Inherent)

Omega Ant (Inherent)

Piranha (Inherent)

Raven (Inherent)

Red Tiger Shark (Inherent)

Smilodon (Inherent)

Wolf (Inherent)