These Killer Whale\Gorilla creatures can freely move on land and in water.

In Impossible Creatures, the variety of animals at your disposal have different ways of getting around. Wether they can walk, swim or even fly, it is important to know how each movement type works and what it allows for your creatures.



Creatures classified as "Ground" can only move on land and bodies of water act like solid walls to them, unless the water happens to be very shallow.


These units are restricted to the water. Pure swimming units cost significantly less coal than their land-walking counterparts.


An amphibious creature can freely move across both land and water. Henchmen also fall under this category.


Flying creatures can soar over any natural obstacle with no problem at all. Flyers will always remain airborne and never need to land. Henchmen using a Gyrocopter can also travel in this fashion. It should be noted that flying units cannot be attacked by enemy melee units.


This is a unique mode of travel that is triggered by the ability of the same name. For a short time, a hovering creature may move as if it were a flying creature. This uses up the creature's endurance.