Creatures with Loner's bonuses applied are surrounded by a faint green sphere.

Loner is an ability introduced in Insect Invasion that gives a creature several bonuses when alone. If any allied creature comes near it, the effects of Loner will instantly be cancelled out until it goes away again. Henchmen will not dispel the creature's bonuses.

While this ability is applied, direct attacks will deal 75% less damage to the creature but Assassinate and effects such as Poison will affect it normally. Its sight radius is increased by 50%, and in Creature Chaos its speed is boosted by 20%.

Loner multiplies different attack types by varying amounts; artillery attacks are four times stronger, ranged attacks five times and melee attacks six times. In Creature Chaos, all attack types are six times more powerful. Sonic Attack has a particular relationship with Loners; they will recieve twice as much damage from it (after the 75% reduction is calculated) and are more vulnerable to its speed-reduction effect, which is capable of slowing them down by up to 70% (90% in Creature Chaos).

It is plain to see that Loner is one of the most powerful abilities in Impossible Creatures, with the potential to turn a powerful creature into an all-round juggernaut. Loners are often used for attacking expansion points to quickly kill enemy Henchmen, and the stronger ones can lay waste to them entirely. Those with Barrier Destroy excel at taking out key structures such as Creature Chambers and Anti-Air Towers. A player with a Loner in their army must be aware of the drawbacks, however; this ability is extremely expensive, makes creatures a minimum of Level 4 and causes them to build more slowly in-game. Many players also bring creatures specifically to counter Loners due to their sheer power.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Anaconda (Tail)

Black Widow (Tail)

Giant Anteater (Tail)

Kong (Tail)

Liopleurodon (Tail)

Panther (Tail)

Rhinoceros (Tail) (Shadow only)