This is the second Biggest Sea Predator ever.

The Liopleurodon Is The Second Biggest Sea Predator Ever And The Titan Appears In Impossible Creatures.

Reality Edit

The Liopleurodon Is Not The Only Big Predator' After Liopleurodon Died Out And After The Cretaceous When T-Rex' Ankylosaurus' Quezalcoatlus' Anatotitan' Troodon And Triceratops Died Out And After Mammals Left There Small Beginnings In The Eocene. The Time The Predator Lived In Was The Pliocene The Time When Humans Were At There Start In Time As Homo Erectus And Australopithecus As Well As The Animals That Live Today Such As Rhinos' Zebra's' Vultures And Other Species There Was An Enormous Shark That Could Swallow The Great White Shark Whole Called Megalodon. Megalodon Could Eat Whales Though It Went Extinct In The Plestocene.

This Is A Megalodon From Chased By Dinosaurs With Nigel Marvin.

Food Edit

The Food Liopluerodon Ate Was Fish Coastal Dinosaurs Plesiosaurs Ichthyosaurs Sharks And Marine Crocodiles.

Strong Combinations Edit

The Liopleurodon Can Be Combined With An Anaconda To Get With Liopleurodon Head And Legs And The Body And Tail Should Be Anaconda To Get Bite And Constrict Along With Being Amphibous. The Liopleurodon Could Also Be Combined With A Chimp By Putting The Liopleurodon Head And Tail And The Body Of The Chimp And Arms And Legs Of A Chimp For Bite Pummel And Rock Artillery.

Trivia Edit

  • Liopleurodon And Diplodocus Both Appear In Creature Chaos And Live In The Jurassic.

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