Leaping creatures leave a pink streak behind them.

Leap Attack is an ability that allows a creature to, as the name implies, leap into battle. A creature will reach its target in 0.5 seconds once the Leap begins, deal twice as much damage with the initial strike and is guaranteed to attack before its foe. It is almost identical to Charge Attack, which is more powerful but cannot be used as often.

Leap Attack can help mitigate the weakness melee units have against ranged enemies. It allows a creature to quickly close the distance between it and its foe, removing their advantage against it. This makes it even more useful against artillery units as the speed boost can make a creature potentially avoid their first attacks altogether. Creatures with Leap Attack should be powerful in melee combat to get the most out of it.

This ability can be used both on land and in water, but creatures with ranged or artillery attacks and flyers cannot use it at all. A creature may only Leap every 5 seconds at the most.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Cheetah (Hind Legs)

Crocodile (Hind Legs) (Creature Chaos and Shadow only)

Fox (Hind Legs) (Invasion of The Killer Ants only)

Frownodon (Hind Legs)

Grasshopper (Hind Legs)

Kangaroo (Hind Legs)

Leopard (Hind Legs)

Lioness (Hind Legs)

Mountain Lion (Hind Legs)

Panther (Hind Legs)

Praying Mantis (Hind Legs)

Smilodon (Hind Legs)

Snow Leopard (Hind Legs)

Tiger (Hind Legs)