Keen Sense is an ability that enables a creature to see camouflaged and digging enemies and defiled land, which are all normally invisible. Although they will reveal the hidden enemies to the player, nearby creatures without this ability will remain oblivious to them.

A player should always try to include Keen Sense in an army because it is one of the best counters to ambushes and sneak attacks. Without it, a player may be vulnerable to tactics like Rushing. Keen Sense is also a useful trait for scouts because it aids them in their purpose for collecting information.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Blue Tongued Skink (Head)

Boa Constrictor (Head)

Coyote (Head)

Dragon (Head)

Eagle (Head)

Hammerhead Shark (Head)

Hyena (Head)

Rat (Head) (Tellurian and Shadow only)

Salmon (Head)

Warthog (Head) (Tellurian and Shadow only)

Wolf (Head)