Immunity is an ability that counters the effects of Defile Land, Plague, Poison and Stink Cloud. Any creature that possesses this ability is completely unaffected by them, even if they are delivered through other abilities such as Poison Touch.

Players would do well to have one or two Immune creatures in their army, or they will be vulnerable to opponents who use chemical-based abilities. Aside from being a perfect counter to them, creatures with Immunity can also be used to safely reveal camouflaged Defiled Land if the player does not have a creature with Keen Sense.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Ant (Inherent)

Crocodile (Inherent) (Creature Chaos and Shadow only)

Deathview Ant (Inherent)

Dragonfly (Inherent)

Electric Ant (Inherent)

Great White Shark (Inherent)

Hammerhead Shark (Inherent)

Hornet (Inherent)

Malayan Tapir (Inherent)

Naked Mole Rat (Inherent)

Poison Ant (Inherent)

Praying Mantis (Inherent)

Red Tiger Shark (Inherent)

Salmon (Inherent)

Shield Bug (Inherent)

Sonicstone Ant (Inherent)