Humphrey and Bugsy are high ranking Henchmen that work for Velika La Pette. They have their own bases on Velika's main island and serve as secondary enemies in Mission 8.

Personality Edit

Like many Henchmen, these brothers are somewhat wimpy and very submissive. They stay very loyal to their boss and are determined to capture Rex Chance to please her. Being brothers, they love each other very much as evidence by their sadness if their counterpart is defeated in Mission 8.

Trivia Edit

  • Their nickname is "The Bumbling Brothers"
  • Two Henchmen are given a briefing in Mission 5 after the fires are put out. It is possible that they are the bumbling brothers. If so, then that means they run the base in that level and they could have been called to Velika's island to help defeat Rex Chance and Lucy Willing.
  • They were recently re-united with each other. This is evidenced by Humphrey when he says "Bugsy, my long lost brother. I only met with ya last week."