Ground creatures hovering across water.

Hovering is an ability introduced in Insect Invasion that allows a creature to temporarily fly. While doing so it is treated like a true flying creature in almost every way, meaning it will even be attacked by Anti-Air Towers. Any Hovering creature travels at 24 km/h and can fly up to 150 metres in-game, but cannot attack while in the air.

This ability requires at least one third of a full endurance bar to be used, but a creature can use more to cover longer distances. Hovering is also a triggered ability and will not be used by a creature unless ordered to by the player.

Hovering has a variety of uses, both for offensive and defensive purposes. Offensively, it can allow creatures to reach a destination more quickly and appear in unexpected places to mount an ambush. Defensively, a creature can use Hovering to make a fast escape from a battle, and slow creatures will be able to take advantage of Hovering's constant speed.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Ant Queen (Torso)

Behemoth (Torso)

Bombardier Beetle (Torso)

Cockroach (Torso)

Grasshopper (Torso)

Hatchetfish (Torso)

Hercules Beetle (Torso)


A glitch is caused if an amphibious Hovering creature lands on water; it will appear to stand on the water's surface until it moves again.

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