Horns is an ability that causes a creature's melee attacks to deal piercing damage, reducing an enemy's defense by 35%. As such, it is very useful against high-defense foes but is almost ineffective against those with low defense. This ability does not apply to ranged and artillery attacks or when attacking buildings.

Because Horns is quite expensive, it is possible to counter it by using low-defense creatures. This makes it far less effective in combat and causes your opponent to have wasted resources on the Horned creatures. If you are the player using Horns and your opponent is using this strategy, it may be better to switch to non-piercing attacks.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Black Marlin (Head)

Bull (Head)

Elephant (Head)

Frownodon (Head)

Horn Ant (Head)

Hornbill (Head)

Moose (Head)

Musk Ox (Head)

Narwhal (Head)

Ram (Head)

Rhinoceros (Head)

Smilodon (Head)

Walrus (Head)

Warthog (Head)

Woolly Mammoth (Head)