Creatures with Herding applied are surrounded by a faint blue sphere.

Herding is an ability that boosts the defense of a combined creature by 40% when it is near at least three other members of its kind.

Because Herding increases the defense of creatures, and therefore makes them more vulnerable to piercing damage, those that already have a high defense stat are probably better off without this ability. On the other hand, Herding can help to improve creatures with low to mediocre defense but it is recommended to build fairly large Herds; in a group of four creatures, only one of them would need to be killed to remove the bonus from the others. Creating larger groups makes this ability more reliable in combat.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Ant Queen (Inherent)

Diplodocus (Inherent) (Shadow only)

Elephant (Inherent)

Gorilla (Inherent)

Hippopotamus (Inherent)

Musk Ox (Inherent)

Ram (Inherent)

Warthog (Inherent)


The beta design of Impossible Creatures indicated Herding with a blue ring, rather than a sphere, around creatures.