The Genetic Amplifier is a structure that allows a player to increase their creatures' Stats. Each stat for each kind of unit is purchased individually, meaning a player can choose which stats to upgrade or not. Once an upgrade has been completed, however, it cannot be undone. The Amplifier can upgrade creatures of any level regardless of which level the player is actually at.

Each upgrade costs the player coal and electricity, with the amount depending on the creature's research level. Higher-level creatures will require more resources and time to upgrade.

The Genetic Amplifier increases a creature's;

  • Defense by up to 10 points.
  • Speed by 5 points.
  • Health points by 20%.
  • Sight radius by 10 points.
  • Melee attack damage by 20%.
  • Ranged\artillery attack damage by 15%.
  • If the creature has an artillery attack, it can be upgraded to deal piercing damage to enemies.
  • Certain abilities can be upgraded to cover a larger area.

In the Impossible Creatures Campaign, the Genetic Amplifier cannot be built until Lucy has collected its blueprints in Mission 2. Upgrades that have been unlocked for creatures will not carry over into later missions, and editing a genetic blueprint during a mission will undo any upgrades applied to the creature made with it. Even renaming the blueprint will kill every unit belonging to it and upgrades will have to be purchased all over again.