Electric Burst is an ability that allows a creature to unleash a blast of electricity in a set area around itself, causing large amounts of damage. The exact damage this attack deals varies with a creature's Research Level;

  • Level 1, 2 and 3 creatures deal 120 damage.
  • Level 4 creatures deal 168 damage.
  • Level 5 creatures deal 234 damage.

Electric Burst must be used carefully, though, as it will deal 50% of its full damage to allied units struck by it.

This ability requires 75% of a creature's maximum endurance to be used. It is also a triggered ability, and will not be used unless a player commands it. It can be difficult to use effectively in battle but multiple creatures with this ability are occasionally used in a "kamikaze" attack. Although this will probably kill the creatures using it, the ends can justify the means if the end is taking out an especially dangerous group of enemies.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Electric Ant (Tail)

Electric Eel (Tail)

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