Digging creatures as they appear to the player who created them.

Digging is an ability that allows a creature to burrow underground. While digging, creatures are invisible to most enemies but can still be detected by those with Keen Sense or using Sonar Pulse, Soundbeam Towers and Radar Pulse. Burrowing creatures cannot attack but can still be attacked by enemies.

While underground, creatures recieve 50% less damage from attacks, but can only see 10% of their full sight radius and regenerate endurance and health at 75% the normal rate. Many other abilities are disabled while underground, but passive effects like Immunity are still applied and Sonar Pulse can be used.

Digging works very similarly to Camouflage, but underground creatures do not make effective scouts because of their reduced sight radius. As such, they are more geared towards offense than defense; that is, mounting sneak attacks or rushes against an opponent to catch them off-guard.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Ant (Front legs)

Armadillo (Front legs) (Creature Chaos only)

Blue Tongued Skink (Front legs) (Invasion of The Killer Ants only)

Deathview Ant (Front legs)

Electric Ant (Front legs)

Fox (Front legs)

Frownodon (Front legs)

Giant Anteater (Front legs)

Lemming (Front legs)

Naked Mole Rat (Front legs)

Poison Ant (Front legs)

Scorpion (Front legs) (Creature Chaos only)

Sonicstone Ant (Front legs)

Warthog (Front legs) (Creature Chaos only)


  • If a creature possesses both Digging and Hovering, it causes a graphics glitch whenever a creature goes underground; the effect is applied but some parts of the creature will appear to stay above the ground.
  • Digging is technically a triggered ability, but does not require endurance to be used.