Defiled Land as it appears to the player who created it.

Defile Land is an ability introduced in Insect Invasion that allows a creature to "poison" an area it travels across. Any non-immune creature or henchman that touches this filth will lose at least 60% of their maximum hit points and suffers a 50% speed reduction for 6 seconds. To make this ability even more dangerous, the filth is camouflaged, making it normally invisible to enemy units. The ground will remain defiled for a total of 60 seconds.

Defile Land is a very powerful ability when used correctly, but is a double-edged sword because allied units will also suffer its effects if they walk on the defiled land. It is also one of the most expensive abilities in the game, making any creature that possesses it cost a large amount of electricity.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Bat (Legs) (Creature Chaos only)

Cockroach (Hind legs)


Defile Land was originally going to be called "Soil Land".