Charging units leave a purple streak behind them.

Charge Attack is an ability that allows a creature to, as the name suggests, charge into battle. When charging, a creature will move twice as fast, deal twice its normal damage with the inital strike and is guaranteed to attack before its enemy in melee combat. This ability is very similar to Leap Attack; Charge Attack is more powerful, but Leap Attack is faster and can be used more often.

Charge Attack is particularly useful against ranged and artillery enemies; it allows the charging creature to quickly close the distance between it and its enemies and remove their advantage. Units with Charge Attack should be powerful in melee combat to make it as useful as possible.

This ability can be used both on land and in water, but flying creatures and those with ranged or artillery attacks cannot use it at all. It can only be used every 10 seconds at the most.

Animals with this abilityEdit

Bull (Hind legs)

Prehistoric Wolf (Hind Legs)

Elephant (Hind legs)

Hippopotamus (Hind legs)

Rage Ant (Hind legs)

Ram (Hind legs)

Rhinoceros (Hind legs)

Warthog (Hind legs)

Woolly Mammoth (Hind legs) (Creature Chaos only)

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