The Bramble Fence is a defensive structure used to create an obstacle for enemy creatures. It is unique among structures in several ways; each section of the Bramble Fence is treated as an individual building, and it is the only structure that can regenerate its health points.

Any enemy creature that uses melee to attack this structure will sustain damage unless they have Barrier Destroy, but creatures using ranged or artillery attacks will not be harmed. Units cannot dig under this deadly plant because it has deep roots. When building a Bramble Fence, Henchmen must spend time creating each section, so long Fences can take a considerable amount of time. The Fence also cannot harm enemy creatures until it is fully grown.

The Bramble Fence is often used to surround Soundbeam Towers as it provides a sturdy wall of protection for them against melee creatures, while the Tower itself can continue to attack them. A Creature Chamber that is surrounded by the Fence will be unable to spawn creatures, making it a useful tool against early rushes.

In the Campaign, the Bramble Fence is unavailable to be built until Lucy researches it during Mission 5.

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