• The Wolf Can Be Found In Chapter 2
Animals are living organisms one would find in nature. Combining the DNA of two seperate animals to create a new living organism is the central mechanic of Impossible Creatures. Uncombined species are consistently named as animals while the product of combining two are referred to as creatures.

Any two animals can be combined, but this process can be customised further by selecting which body parts come from which animal. A combined creature may possess limbs from either of its seperate animal components, but in some cases the player can choose if it has some of these limbs at all; for example, if a player were to combine a Cheetah with a Hammerhead Shark, the creature may or may not have the Cheetah's legs at all.

Animals are only found in the Campaign, living on each of the islands in the Isla Variatas chain. Throughout the story Rex Chance collects DNA samples from these wild animals to make them available for combining. As such the player's library of genetic stock is very limited at first, but new animals are appear in each mission.

List of animalsEdit

Original animalsEdit

These are the 51 stock animals introduced in the original Impossible Creatures.

Bonus animalsEdit

These 10 animals are included in the game's files, but require an unlocker to make them available. They do not appear in the Campaign.

Insect InvasionEdit

Creature ChaosEdit

These are all the animals included in Creature Chaos, as of version 4.24.

Tellurian Edit